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5 Fall Training Tips for Cross-Country Skiers

Here’s what any Nordic skier needs to do to be in peak form for the early season.

No matter how long you’ve been skiing or how chill you plan to make that first day out on the trails, there are a couple of pre-season to-dos even the best skiers tend to overlook this time of year. 

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Tips & Ideas November 15, 2023

The Nordic Skier’s Perfect Fall Retreat

Now is the perfect time for an escape—a self-directed wellness retreat to reset body, mind, and soul in time for the upcoming ski season.

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Tips & Ideas, Travel Tips October 13, 2023

Why You Need an Awe-Inspired Getaway

A beginner’s guide to cultivating awe, plus four perfect Colorado spots for stoking more awe in your life—and changing your well-being while you do it.

One thing Nordic skiers know for sure: it’s good for the soul to be outside. In any conditions, all kinds of weather, winter or summer. Why? Because it’s a ski, hike, or bike away from stumbling upon a moose... Read More
Tips & Ideas August 14, 2023

Colorado’s Motor-Free Guide to Summer

If you’re a Nordork by winter, odds are you’re seeking a similar summer scene—mountains, wooded trails, human-powered adventure, and cozy after-adventure hangouts. The same mountain destinations we love... Read More
Tips & Ideas July 05, 2023

The Nordic Skier’s Postseason Survival Guide

Mud season—and the end of the cross-country ski season—might be arguably one of the most challenging times for snow- and mountain-loving people like us. But here’s how to reset your body, mind, and gear... Read More
Tips & Ideas May 17, 2023

How to Raise a Nordic Skier

10 kid-tested tips and tricks from parents and Nordic pro to help your kids fall in love with your favorite winter sport.

Teaching your kids to love Nordic skiing is a bit of a delicate dance—often, our own enthusiasm can be a little overwhelming. What’s fun for us can really turn little people off. Read More
Tips & Ideas March 24, 2023

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Help protect Colorado's natural beauty for future generations

View Stewardship Resources
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