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Make Spring Break Epic!

Spring-Break Nordic Getaways

Here’s the thing: Too many skiers start to taper and disappear JUST when the getting gets really, really good. Long, bluebird days, a reliable snow base, and cold night/warm day temps are setting up some of the best... Read More
Tips & Ideas March 15, 2018

How to Crush It: The Insider’s Guide Race-Day Planning

 How to Crush It: The Insider’s Guide Race-Day Planning When you train all season for a big event, the last thing you want to do is hose it up the morning of. Jitters, no time for warm-ups, and forgotten... Read More
Tips & Ideas February 13, 2018

Top Nordic Gifts This Holiday Season

Anyone who loves a Nordic skier knows they’re hard to shop for—they’ve got wax preferences and fit issues and high arches and brand loyalty and some run hot and others need layers… Good luck... Read More
Tips & Ideas December 08, 2017

7 Habits That Give You a Jump on the Nordic Season

Early season is a flurry of iffy conditions, unpredictable trails and bodies that may have forgotten a thing or two since we left them in fine spring form. Here’s how to get on track for a killer winter. On the... Read More
Tips & Ideas November 08, 2017

Q&A: Buying Nordic Equipment

Don Hinsvark, Nordic equipment specialist, is referred to as “The Nordic Guy” by his co-workers. We sat down to discuss equipment, different cross country ski styles, and the cost of cross country skiing for... Read More
Tips & Ideas September 05, 2017

Guide to Roller Skiing in Colorado

University of Denver ski team member Jasmi Joensuu cross trains on roller skis for the Nordic season back home in Tuusula, Finland. Roller skiing is a preferred dryland method of training for beginner, expert, and... Read More
Tips & Ideas July 27, 2017

Cross Training

Competition wears heavily on the mind and the body. This is just one reason athletes experience burnout during their career. Another reason is the lack of diversity in training regimens. Fortunately, cross country skiers... Read More
Tips & Ideas June 28, 2017

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