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Your Early Season Must-Do Nordic Checklist

Tips & Ideas Friday, December 17, 2021

In Your Gear Bag

Clean and wax.

If your gear spent the summer stashed in a basement or corner of the garage, you'll have dirt particles on the base of your ski, so be sure to brush the base and apply warm-weather wax before heading out for the first day of the season.

Take a look at your bindings.

Is the base plate firmly attached to the ski? Does the locking mechanism on the bindings still work? If not, time for an adjustment or replacement.

Check the tips and tails of your skis.

Is the laminate peeling away from the base of the ski? It may be time for serious repair or a new pair.

Check your wax collection.

What's spent, what needs replacing, what's new and worth trying? Time to sort, toss, and buy new.

Get your pass.

Are you a regular Nordic enthusiast? Check in with your favorite Nordic destination for season passes, or get a multi-resort punch pass to ski wherever, whenever.

In the Gym

Work your glutes and quads.

They help stabilize your knee joint and prevent knee injuries and working on the explosiveness of your quads will help with your agility.

Focus on balance.

Improving your balance will help you improve your glide and make your strides more efficient. Try single-leg balance exercises or split squats.

Don't forget your upper body.

Hike or walk with poles if you can. Try pull-ups, dips, push-ups, and sit-ups.

Seek advice.

Sign up for an early-season clinic or group lesson at a Nordic center or resort for feedback and correction.

In Your Kitchen

Stock up.

Make sure you have oatmeal, nut butters, whole grains, avocados, eggs ready—the best pre-workout meals have complex carbs and a bit of healthy fat to keep you fueled.

Mind your protein.

Make sure you have plenty of healthy proteins on hand for post-workout snacks, such as beef jerky, almonds, or protein bars. Have an eating plan for workouts, race days, and more. 

In Your Brain

Set a goal.

Working up to ski a 30K? Find a race. Then write it down. Written goals demand focus and it's harder to fudge your results, and they're easier to break down into smaller, actionable pieces.

Build a system that helps you get there.

Do you need flexibility with your skiing locations to keep you motivated? Grab a CCCSA Punch Pass and train at 10 different resorts. Sign up for clinics. Join a training group. Follow us on social media and we'll keep you up to speed—and super motivated—for all things Colorado Nordic this year.

Photo credit: Todd Powell 

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