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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Ski Socks

The importance of the right ski sock is highly underrated. Nordic skiers may find themselves thinking, “It doesn’t matter, a sock is a sock, right?” WRONG. Socks are an essential piece of your... Read More
Tips & Ideas September 27, 2019

The No-Gym X-C Ski Conditioning Move You Need to Know

Let’s face it—no matter how active we stay all summer, there’s usually a steep re-entry curve when we first hit the trails for the season. Unless you’re in the midst of a serious race-centric... Read More
Tips & Ideas September 27, 2019

Are you Storing Your Skinny Skis Correctly in the Offseason?

When ski season comes to a close, it’s easy to shove your Nordic skis in the back of your closet to be forgotten until the snow falls again. But how you treat your skis when the season ends makes all the difference... Read More
Tips & Ideas September 27, 2019

Summer Workout Hack: Hydration Strategies

Living and being a Nordic athlete in Colorado has conditioned most of us to tote around the ubiquitous water bottle, switching up our look with a hydration belt in winter. We get it: Drink up at altitude. But do you... Read More
Tips & Ideas June 17, 2019

Say Yes to Recovery: Why Nordic Skiers Need a Break

Despite winter’s unrelenting grip on Colorado this year, it IS the end of Nordic skiing season—and many of us are eager to transition right into our summer passions. Lots of Nordic skiers bike and run in the off season,... Read More
Tips & Ideas May 03, 2019

Stronger, Better, Faster: Groundbreaking New Nordic Ski Gear

Here’s your shopping list, X-C gear heads. These new-for-2020 innovations will change the way you ski. For hundreds of years, the main thrust of cross-country skiing has been two skis, two poles and a whole lot... Read More
Tips & Ideas April 18, 2019

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