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Help protect Colorado’s natural beauty for future generations

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Care for Colorado Coalition

CCCSA is proud to be a Stewardship Partner with the Care for Colorado Coalition, which educates visitors and residents on how to responsibly enjoy the state’s natural and cultural resources.

Do Your Part

Follow the Care for Colorado Leave No Trace Principles

01 Know before you go
02 Stick to the trails
03 Leave it as you find it
04 Trash the trash
05 Be careful with fire
06 Keep wildlife wild
07 Share our parks & trails
Learn more about the seven principles

Principles In Practice

3 Ways to Care for the Places You Love

Is there a special outdoor place that you love? A place you can go to connect with nature, or to escape the hustle of everyday life? We want to help make sure these spaces remain cared for. Here are 3 ways you can care... Read More
Stewardship November 30, 2022

What Are Cultural Resources & Why Are They Important?

Cultural resources are the physical evidence or place of prehistoric and historic human activities, above and below ground. Learn why the preservation of these non-renewable and irreplaceable resources is vital.

Read More
Stewardship October 14, 2022

How to Leave No Trace When Visiting Indigenous Lands

Out of respect for people in the past and current descendant communities, it’s important to follow the Leave No Trace principles when visiting indigenous lands. Here’s how to enjoy these places while... Read More
Stewardship October 14, 2022

Help protect Colorado's natural beauty for future generations

View Stewardship Resources
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