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Water Safety Tips

From the US Forest Service

Stewardship Monday, June 5, 2023

Whether a tiny trickle of a creek, enough to cool your toes, or the vast expanses of beaches, water provides an exciting element to outdoor recreation. Even the most seasoned of water enthusiasts can be surprised by changing water conditions. Enjoy your day, but remember these tips:


Hazards include slippery rocks and surfaces from mist and algae. 

  • Heed posted warning signs.
  • Enjoy from a distance.
  • Stay on established trails and enjoy the view from overlooks.
  • Don’t jump off of waterfalls or dive into waterfall pools. Unseen objects, such as logs and boulders, may be under the water’s surface.
  • Never swim or wade upstream near a waterfall, even if the water appears shallow and calm. The currents close to the falls could pull swimmers over the edge.

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