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Explore Colorado's Backcountry With These Safety Tips

From the Colorado Tourism Office

Stewardship Monday, July 3, 2023

From the crisp air against your skin to the endless opportunities sprawling before you on over 8.3 million acres of pristine public terrain, becoming immersed in nature is an exciting adventure. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Colorado’s backcountry offers thrilling opportunities to take your skills to new heights and can be tremendously rewarding when you minimize risk by planning ahead.

No matter your chosen activity — from hiking and camping to rock climbing and more — if you plan to head off the beaten path, make sure you do so responsibly. Find your confidence in exploring the Colorado backcountry by being prepared and having the proper training, or by exploring with a certified backcountry guide.

Read the guidelines for safer recreation and the best experience possible on our unmanaged terrain at


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