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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Ski Socks

The importance of the right ski sock is highly underrated. Nordic skiers may find themselves thinking, “It doesn’t matter, a sock is a sock, right?” WRONG. Socks are an essential piece of your... Read More
Tips & Ideas September 27, 2019

The No-Gym X-C Ski Conditioning Move You Need to Know

Let’s face it—no matter how active we stay all summer, there’s usually a steep re-entry curve when we first hit the trails for the season. Unless you’re in the midst of a serious race-centric... Read More
Tips & Ideas September 27, 2019

Are you Storing Your Skinny Skis Correctly in the Offseason?

When ski season comes to a close, it’s easy to shove your Nordic skis in the back of your closet to be forgotten until the snow falls again. But how you treat your skis when the season ends makes all the difference... Read More
Tips & Ideas September 27, 2019

Choosing Your First Cross-country Ski Race

Feeling fast? Want more cowbell in your life? It might just be time to start racing. Nordic ski expert Nathan Schultz shares how to set yourself up for success.

Read More
Race Resources August 05, 2019

Go Big: Dream Races for Nordic Skiers

These bucket-list cross–country ski races are worth the trip.

Whether you’re a seasoned racer or an aspiring beginner, some events are worth chasing, even if that means months of training and hours of travel. The course, the crowds, the vibe—they’ve just got a... Read More
Race Resources July 29, 2019

This is Your Brain on Racing

The mental component of Nordic ski racing is something most amateur racers overlook. Here’s a little sports psychology 101 and what ex-racer and owner of Boulder Nordic Sports Nathan Schultz wishes all newbies knew. Read More
Race Resources July 22, 2019

Race-Day Hacks

Showing up to a Nordic ski race is easier when you’ve got expert tips.

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Race Resources July 15, 2019

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