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Staying Prepared for Wildfires

From Camp Colorado

Stewardship Tuesday, May 7, 2024

If your Colorado vacation winds up involving the unexpected drama of a wildfire, this knowledge and understanding, coupled with prudence, will assist you in being prepared to get out of the path.


  • Provide the office staff with the accurate size of your party, including day visitors. They will need to know who to account for when emergency conditions erupt.
  • Know the whereabouts of individuals in your party.
  • Make sure campfires are allowed before you light one, even if a fire ring is already in position at the campsite.
  • Don’t leave a lit campfire unattended.
  • Don’t let the flames dance too high and don’t burn things that create sparks.
  • Pull vegetation away from the fire ring before lighting the fire.
  • Pay attention to what you see and smell.
  • Report conditions you witness that could spark a wildfire (someone carelessly discarding a lit cigarette or creating a campfire when you’ve been told otherwise).
  • Keep matches out of the hands of children.
  • Be alert to your escape route, understanding that it might not be the way you arrived.

If you’re on an evacuation warning, plan according:

  • Locate your car keys, maybe even leaving them in the ignition.
  • Charge your mobile devices.

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