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Help protect Colorado’s natural beauty for future generations

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BNS Skimo-Waxing Skins

A guide to waxing your skimo racing skins, with Pete Swenson of the US Ski Mountaineering Association.

Race Resources, Video January 11, 2019

Winter is Here!

Thanks to the early snowfall, the 2018/19 season is off to a great start across Colorado. Numerous resorts are opening soon with some already open for business!

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News November 12, 2018

Your Summer Bucket List

The end of summer is fast approaching which means there’s little time to get out and enjoy the last long days of sunshine. As summer comes to a close, so do our favorite summer activities. Cycling, hiking, and swimming... Read More
Tips & Ideas September 18, 2018

7 Steps to Off-Season Success

Skiers may live for the winter, but they’re made in the off-season. Staying active during the off-season months is essential if you want to get the most out of your winter experiences. 

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Tips & Ideas September 18, 2018

Fuel Your Body, Fire Up Your Results

The work you put into improving your technique and physical fitness is important. However, the way you fuel your body and mind is equally important, if not more so. Much like a car needs gasoline, your body needs fuel to... Read More
Tips & Ideas June 14, 2018

Train For Winter In Summer

Cross-country skiing can be a grueling sport defeating even the most elite athletes. It’s also a fun winter activity with beautiful views, fresh air and exercise. Whatever your reason for skiing, one thing is certain:... Read More
Tips & Ideas May 18, 2018

One Season Ends, Another Begins

As you hang up your skis for the winter season you might wonder what’s to become of your favorite winter wonderlands during the spring and summer. Fortunately, many of Colorado’s Nordic centers have... Read More
Tips & Ideas May 06, 2018

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Help protect Colorado's natural beauty for future generations

View Stewardship Resources
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