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Your Summer Bucket List

Tips & Ideas Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The end of summer is fast approaching which means there’s little time to get out and enjoy the last long days of sunshine. As summer comes to a close, so do our favorite summer activities. Cycling, hiking, and swimming are summer essentials, but there are plenty of other activities you may not have thought to try. Before this summer ends, try crossing off a few of our summer bucket list activities.

Home Ranch
Are you looking to for a place that offers something for everyone? A place where the rock-climbing enthusiast in your family can live in harmony with the spa fanatic or the fitness junkie? Unsure of what activity you would put on your summer bucket list? Home Ranch offers horseback riding, white water rafting, cycling, swimming, and even skate skiing. Why not check off more than one?

Devil’s Thumb Ranch
Great views, amazing accommodations, and zip lining can all be found at Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Not only does Devil’s Thumb Ranch offer zip lining, it also offers world-class facilities for horseback riding, hiking, and fitness activities such as yoga on top of a world-class resort experience. Are you looking for a way to enjoy your bucket list and let the kids have fun too? Let the kids participate in a half-day kids’ Cowpoke camp while you explore and relax.

Vista Verde Ranch
If you’re looking to for an escape that allows you the freedom to enjoy all the Colorado Mountains have to offer, look no further than Vista Verde Ranch. Like other resorts, Vista Verde has hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking. But, for those looking to cross something extra items off their bucket list, try stand-up paddle boarding, rafting, kayaking, photography classes, outdoor yoga and cooking classes.

Latigo Ranch
Latigo Ranch is about as authentic as they come. If you’re looking to channel your inner Billy Crystal and city slicker, look no further. Latigo Ranch offers many of the same activities as other resorts, but they also offer something completely different: Team Penning. Team Penning is a competitive version of sorting cattle. A team of three riders has to sort three stubborn, herd-bound cattle from a herd and move them into a small pen, a challenge that demands skills both in controlling a horse and in understanding cattle. One day each week you will have the opportunity to prove that you can learn faster than an old cow! You'll divide into teams for some good-natured cowboy fun to see who can separate out three cows and move them into a pen of their own.

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