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Top Nordic Gifts This Holiday Season

Tips & Ideas Friday, December 8, 2017

Anyone who loves a Nordic skier knows they’re hard to shop for—they’ve got wax preferences and fit issues and high arches and brand loyalty and some run hot and others need layers… Good luck there, Santa. But allow us to use our industry connections to give you some insider scoop on what’s hot, and share our fave picks for the season.

Here are the best gifts for Nordic skiers right now:

1. Phantom base treatment by DPS: You may want to rethink that gift of a wax bag—DPS has just unveiled a single-application base-coating to replace wax. The company claims Phantom permanently alters your skis base, making it faster and harder. The product works across a broader range of conditions. 

2. Fischer Twin Skin Race ski:. Mohair strips integrated into the ski base help with kick in unpredictable conditions, and its adjustable binding system allows you to move bindings forward or back without tools, to enhance kick and glide on the spot. 

3. Craft Stratum jacket: Performance skiers will love this techy-but-comfortable jacket with a great combo of wind protection and Thermolight fabric to keep you dry and comfy.

4. Swix Circo gigante L.: Nordic ski powerhouse Swix has climbed aboard the fat bike train, releasing their Circo gigante L. It rights tight and light for an entry level bike, and the Shimano component package is solid.

5. Zojirushi travel mug: Although technically not Nordic gear, this insulated stainless travel mug will keep your coffee hot for up to 8 hours. That means not only will your bevvie stay steaming on the drive up, but will warm you up in the day lodge, too.

6. Swix JD warm mitt: If you love a skier whose hands are always cold, give her these warm mitts, designed by 2016 World Champion Jessie Diggins. $40 at Boulder Nordic 

7. CCCSA 14+ resort punch pass: Add a little variety to your training or just change up the usual weekend trip with this insider deal: 14-plus passes to 9 different resorts for $120. That’s around 8 bucks a visit—sweet! Tip: Order now so they can mail before the holiday.

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