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The Nordic Skier’s Postseason Survival Guide

Tips & Ideas Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Mud season—and the end of the cross-country ski season—might be arguably one of the most challenging times for snow- and mountain-loving people like us. But here’s how to reset your body, mind, and gear to end it on a high note. 

Get a tune and put your skis in storage wax.

Why wax now? It protects your ski bases from oxidation, which degrades them over time. Check your bases; if they need a grind, perfect—that will better help the storage wax soak in. You’ll want to hot scrape, brush, and add storage wax to the bases before finding a spot to store them (ideally indoors, without temperature fluctuations). Not up for a DIY? Hit your local pro shop, and they’ll do it for you. 

Eat. Sleep. Hydrate. 

If you’ve been in intense training, now’s the time to let your body catch up from a season of demanding output. Take a break from counting macros and ease into the fresh, whole foods of the season. Give yourself a little grace and enjoy some comfort foods or meals you’d ordinarily avoid when going hard, and chase it with plenty of water—consider setting up a pitcher in the fridge with mint and sliced lemon to make your intake feel less like a chore and more like a spa menu item.

Reset your sleep schedule if you’ve been getting up early to hit the road for races or training, and consider rethinking your evening routine to help get some more shut-eye—turn the TV off early. The blue light from screens is not your friend. Instead, opt for a book to let your brain unwind more organically. 

Get some active rest. 

No skier wants to go from all-in to nothing; plan for ways to move without shifting right into next season’s all-in efforts (ahem, that means you, cyclists). Foam rolling, stretching, yoga, pilates, gentle hikes, and long, leisurely walks all keep your muscles loose and primed for your next athletic focus. Bonus: this is not only good for your body but also gives your mind a much-needed break, too. 

Catch up with life.

They don’t call us Nordorks for nothing. So if you’ve been all-in this season and your friends have given up on getting you out for a movie or an off-mountain beer, it’s time to reconnect socially. Plan a “yes” day with your family; call a friend for lunch; decide to finally hit that street festival or jazz bar or art walk you’ve been meaning to try. 

Stay connected to your skiing self by looking ahead.

You can stay in touch with your inner winter athlete by planning your upcoming season. Maybe a destination Nordic guest ranch getaway would be a bright spot on the calendar, or you want to rustle up some friends to train for an annual race that’s been on your bucket list. Set a few goals now, book some travel, and then let yourself enjoy a restful, restorative Spring.

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