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Stronger, Better, Faster: Groundbreaking New Nordic Ski Gear

Tips & Ideas Thursday, April 18, 2019

Here’s your shopping list, X-C gear heads. These new-for-2020 innovations will change the way you ski.

For hundreds of years, the main thrust of cross-country skiing has been two skis, two poles and a whole lot of human effort. But tech and innovation are seriously upping the game—whether it’s less waste, more glide, better kick, or shaving minutes off your race time, this cutting-edge 2020 X-C gear will help you love your sport even more. (And, let’s face it, make you pretty darn cool.)

  1. RaceFox. Developed by Swedish coaches, this “coach in a box” is a serious game-changer for classic skiers. Via a RaceFox wearable device or monitor such as Polar, the AI program provides movement analysis and gives you real-time feedback as you ski, capturing pulse, speed, distance, frequency, attack, core power, consistency and grip. Bonus: There’s a running program too, for the off season, and a skate program is in development. Monthly subscriptions start at $9 a month. 

  2. Fischer 3D Speedmax Skis. These top-tier race skis won the 2019 ISPO Award for outstanding product. Why? The waxable sidewall allows for reduced friction and improves glide. They’re also crazy light—and the ski of choice for 50% of all World Cup winners. 

  3. Rottefella MOVE System Bindings. Variable terrain and conditions calls for different pressure distributions across the ski—forward for better kick, back for better glide. The MOVE system allows skiers to pause and with a quick flip of a switch shift 48 millimeters forward and back, without taking skis off. Climb that heart-attack hill more efficiently, then adjust for a speedy descent. 

  4. Toko High Performance Liquid Paraffins. No more wax irons? We’d be okay with saying goodbye (or at least our significant others would). This thin new spray formula penetrates the peaks and valleys of the base more deeply and with less waste (think spraying a pan with oil vs. slathering on butter). Use is simple: Spray, wait 30 minutes, brush and go.

  5. Fischer Urban Boots. From trail to cocktails—these cool kicks re-invent the look of the X-C boot and provide awesome off-ski walkability. You can walk, drive, or just kick it apres in comfort with a boot that’s still high performance.

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