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Hit Colorado's Trails Like a Pro With These Tips

From the Colorado Tourism Office

Stewardship Monday, August 14, 2023

There’s nothing like Colorado’s great outdoors, where visitors from near and far have found a haven for adventure, moments of peace and a chance to wonder at the pristine natural beauty of our diverse landscape. With over 39,000 miles of awe-inspiring trails to explore, there’s a lot to see and do — but there’s also a lot to know about traveling our four-cornered state.

Do Colorado Right by learning about hiking in our state before you hit the trailhead. By being thoughtful with our actions and aware of our impact, we can keep Colorado a special place for generations to come. 

Plan Ahead

A bit of advance planning will ensure your time on the trail is a walk in the park. Here are a few tips to know before you go:

  • Pick a hike that matches the abilities of your group. You’re sure to enjoy the hike more when you know what to expect of the terrain and how long the hike may take you. 
  • Bring your map along, as there may not be cell service in the place you are visiting.
  • Check the forecast. The weather can change quickly, so pack layers and make sure you’re ready for sun, rain, wind and even snow. 
  • When hiking in the high country, starting your hike early in the morning ensures you’re back at your vehicle before afternoon storms roll in.

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