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Hey, Santa! 6 Expert Gift Picks for Nordic Skiers?

Tips & Ideas Monday, November 16, 2015

Forget wandering around REI for last-minute gear gifts. The ski pros at our Colorado Nordic Centers recommend these new, cool, tried and tested picks. You can find most of these through the shops at your local Nordic Centers and guest ranches (hey, you get better prices and expert service there, right?).

FYI: Items are listed with manufacturers suggested retail price, but you know that around this time of year, deals happen; ask your local shop for intel.

1. Go Hybrid

Not your Tesla, your fingers. Craft’s hybrid weather glove lets you slide a wind and waterproof mitten pocket over chilly fingers or roll it back once you’ve warmed up on the trail.
MSRP $34.99

Hybrid Glove

2. Cap It Off

Swix’s line of international hats lets you shout out your fave Nordic team, but we’re also loving the ’70s retro wool-acrylic Gunde hat.
MSRP $28.99

Cap it Off

3. Fill the Gap

Swix’s new CH5X turquoise wax hits the right temperature range and fills the gap that there was between the CH4/LF4 and CH6/LF6. 180g
MSRP $37.00

Fill the Gap

4. Magnetic Attraction

New Sport Skintec high-performance waxless technology from Atomic let’s you jump right on your skis without messing with wax. Mohair strips snap magnetically into the wax zone and let you choose and switch out grip with ease.
MSRP $479.95

Magnetic Attraction

5. Pole Perfection

Start offers mid-level carbon poles (like the 17 mm“Winner” model) that are light, stiff and give amazing performance for the price.
MSRP $139.95

Pole Perfection

6. Skate Smart

Rossignol X-IUM elite-level skate skis come with a factory grind that’s complex and slides nicely in moderate snow conditions; great for skiers wanting to up their competitive edge.
MSRP $449.95

Skate Smart

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