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Getting Unstuck: Go from “Just Okay” to “Better!” This Season

Tips & Ideas Monday, November 16, 2015

Already gotten plenty of early season trail time? Time to plan a trip with an itinerary that lets you ski AND play.

Make Your Pace Pay Off

DU ski coach, Dave Stewart, recommends spending most of your time skiing long, almost painfully slow distances, with a few truly fast-paced workouts; not “as fast as possible for as long as possible,” which will keep you stuck.

Lower Your Goals

Sounds counterintuitive, but if your goals are realistic and attainable, you’ll stay motivated. Ski 10 minutes longer than you did last week. Climb that hill stopping only once instead of twice. Create lots of small success that will inspire you to go further.

Up the Play Factor

In Dan Coyle’s The Talent Code, he pegs passion and joy as key ingredients in athletic achievement: If you don’t love it, you won’t excel. If you skate, try adding classic, tele, or backcountry to your mix. Add your dog for some dog loops or skijoring. Take a biathlon class. Try a moonlight ski. Head off trail to track critters in the woods. Escape and enjoy.

Learn From the Best

Nailing correct technique form helps reduce risk of injury, improve your efficiency, and makes skiing a more easy and joyful pursuit. When you suffer less, you’ll ski more. Quickest route? Take a lesson or find a clinic; a good instructor can analyze your form and find concrete solutions you can act on, in terms you can relate to. And, you’ll find supportive and cool classmates to bond and ski with. 

Top Things To Do In January

1. Book a Clinic

Beaver Creek is offering tele workshops; Vail Nordic, Frisco, and Devil’s Thumb have women-only skate technique clinics; Pagosa Springs has free learn to ski lessons; free wax clinics abound at most centers… too many to list. 

2. Get Involved In Race Season

The season’s on! Even if you aren’t enrolled, there’s still time to find an event to join. And for those who aren’t ready to compete, many race weekends have touring-only options.

3. Check out What's New In Gear

Try out this year’s demos at Nordic centers or check out the SIA show Jan. 30 – Feb. 4

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