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3 New Gear Changes That Will Change the Way You Ski

Tips & Ideas Thursday, January 14, 2016

It’s not often that a gear breakthrough is a game-changer, but this year marks the launch of three new products that have skiers buzzing and manufacturers plotting their next moves. Time for a demo! Check them out at the nearest Nordic Center.

1. Salomon is joining the NNN world (New Nordic Norm). Finally.

It used to be that if you loved the fit of a Salomon boot, you had to go with Salomon’s own binding, the Salomon Nordic System (SNS). After years of holding out, the company is making boots and bindings NNN compatible. Don’t worry, the old SNS will still be available.

What it means to you: Free at last! Much easier to shop for/mix/match/tailor boots and bindings to YOUR preference.

2. Skintec goes mainstream.

Atomic’s Skintec has been an option for the last few years; it’s a performance classic ski which features a no-wax base made of Teflon-infused synthetic mohair, giving you the grip and glide of a waxable ski. Word is Fischer is coming out with their own 100% mohair Twin Skin race version soon.

What it means to you: Great high-performance, low-maintenance training ski, good in variable conditions. 

3. Alpina ESK 2.0 boot gives your foot a hug.

New Active Edge Carbon technology enhances stiffness and rebound while preserving softness and flexibility for comfort. New binding interfaces are lighter, and re-imagined lacing wraps the foot better.

What it means to you: No more hot spots, Happy Feet!

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