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5 Reasons Why You’re Not Done X-C Skiing (Yet)

Tips & Ideas Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It happens every spring—the weather gets warm, and we’re all dying to mix it up. Time to golf, or get the bike out, or go for a trail run. But finishing out the Nordic season right will set you up for next year’s first flakes, help you score some sweet deals, and let you have some no-holds-barred, bluebird-day good times.

Here’s why you need to make one more trip to the trails:


Four to six inches of fresh snow this past week in the high country means a last hurrah for trail conditions; despite a long warm spell, resorts with good bases and early season groom still had an unusually high percentage of terrain open.


While you’re at your nearest Nordic center, drop your skis off for end-of-season waxing. Why now? Protects them and prevents them from oxidizing over the summer. Plus you’ll be set the minute the snow flies next fall.


Any ranch or center with retail is going to be looking to move out the winter stuff and prep for summer activities—now is a great time to pick up wax, demo skis, or pricey soft goods like base layers, jackets, gloves. Look for discounts from about 30% on up.


It’s the time of year to forget your pacing, training, how many K you logged, and just get goofy—the crust skiing is on, with conditions holding until about 11 a.m. in most areas. Never tried it? Nothing to it. Just check the snow (you don’t want to sink/post-hole it) for firmness, then hop off the groomed trails into open terrain and explore the crusty snow surface for a super-fast glide. Best after a cold-ish night, so check temps.


Did you know? Buy your season passes now and you’ll score deals even below the pre-season rates next fall. And it’s not like you won’t be back next fall, right?

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