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Get the Inside Scoop with Mariana Pereda

Mariana Pereda

Current Age: 54

Years Skiing: 20+

Home Trails: Beaver Meadows, Hallelujah Hut

#1 Ski Accessory: Hydration Belt

We sat down with Mariana Pereda, age 54, with 20 years of skiing experience, to get the inside scoop at Breckenridge Nordic. Mariana first hit the downhill slopes at age five in Argentina and has loved skiing ever since. After moving to the U.S. over 20 years ago, she discovered Nordic skiing in Wisconsin but didn't dive deep until relocating to Summit County 7 years ago. She was looking for something she could do from her backdoor and bought her first pair of Nordic skis. A few years later, she suffered a challenging knee injury, and Mariana transitioned from downhill to Nordic skiing, quickly mastering it. Falling in love with the sport, she started to teach at the Breckenridge Nordic Center. Mariana’s filled us in on everything Breckenridge Nordic!

Overview—A Serene and Adventurous Winter Experience

Offering 30 kilometers of groomed trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, the Breckenridge Nordic Center offers the joy of gliding across snow through quiet, beautiful forests with expansive views of the mountains. Suitable for all skill levels, the center provides group and private lessons for both skiing and snowshoeing. Additional activities include ice skating and snowcat tours. The center features convenient amenities in a quaint log lodge. Shop, grab rentals, or enjoy homemade food and drinks. Visitors can also enjoy lodging in Breckenridge or nearby towns like Frisco and Dillon. Perfect for solo travelers, families, and groups alike, the Breckenridge Nordic Center promises a serene and adventurous winter experience.

Quick Facts

  • 30km of Trails
  • Trail Passes
    • $30/Adult
    • $25/Seniors (65+)
    • $27/Youth
    • Free Kids 12 & Under
  • Offering Group and Private Lessons ranging from $80-$120 Per Person

The Vibe at Breckenridge Nordic

We are like a big family here, and visitors can feel that. The lodge has a great ambiance; people can come and go throughout the day. One of my favorite activities at our Nordic Center is the happy hours with live music on Fridays and Saturdays.

Trail Highlights

  • Best Short Loop — My go-to quick loop at Breckenridge Nordic Center is Beaver Meadows. It offers a solid workout paired with stunning views of the Tenmile Range—it's a perfect snapshot of what makes this place special!
  • Best Long Loop — I absolutely cherish my skis up to Hallelujah Hut. I start from the lodge, weaving through Morning Glory Trail, tackling Gluteus Maximus Trail, and climbing up Heaven’s Gate Trail right to the hut. For shorter ski days, I park at Ski Hill Road and ski the Heaven’s Gate Trail to the hut. On special occasions when my daughters visit, we ski to the hut together and catch the sunset—it’s a truly enchanting experience every time.

Essential Packing Tips

  • Must-Bring Items — Due to Colorado's changing weather, layers are essential. Multiple lighter layers, with at least one waterproof piece, are recommended.
  • Nordic Accessory — A hydration belt for easy access to water, crucial for staying hydrated in cold weather.

Locals Favorites

  • Best Grub — Pretzel with cheese and spicy mustard at the Nordic Center. La Francaise is for pastries in town, and Mi Casa is for Mexican cuisine.
  • Best Craft Beverage — Mulled wine at the Nordic Center or a craft drink at Breck Distillery and Outer Range Brewery.

The Nordic Community

The community is very supportive and friendly, offering a more relaxed experience than alpine skiing. For most of us, enjoying the outdoors and the scenery is a major part of the sport.

Environmental Stewardship

Many people don’t realize how delicate our mountain ecosystems are. Try to leave the mountains in better condition than you found them. But, at minimum, leave the area as you found it. If you bump into any wildlife, give them their space and quietly enjoy the view from afar!

Advice for Beginners

Be patient with yourself, and remember that you won't become a pro on the first day. Give yourself time to learn the basics — for example, learn classic skiing before trying skate skiing — and just enjoy the process. If you're new to snow activities, I suggest starting with snowshoeing on Willow Trail. Once you're comfortable, and if you're interested in skiing, consider taking a beginner's classic ski lesson.

Lessons Learned

When I started, I jumped in, purchased my first pair of cross-country skis, and ventured into the forest. It was a challenging learning curve, and in hindsight, I wish I had started with lessons. It took years before I finally enrolled in Nordic ski classes, and that’s when I truly fell in love with the sport. I regret not taking lessons earlier!

Sound Advice

Being in decent physical shape is beneficial, but regardless, taking it easy during your initial days is key. Make sure to drink plenty of water and load up on carbohydrates. If you begin to notice the effects of the altitude, slow down and steer clear of alcohol.

For more details, visit Breckenridge Nordic Center.

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