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Camp Smarter with Wildfire Prevention

From Colorado Tourism Office

Stewardship Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Colorado’s summers are typically warm and dry, making an unstable environment for fires of any kind across much of the state. Many outdoor spaces in Colorado have been impacted by the careless use of fires and the demand for firewood, while fire rings can collect unsightly trash and ashes. To prevent further damage, we ask visitors to Do Colorado Right and embrace the Care for Colorado Leave No Trace Principle, Be Careful With Fire, by following local restrictions before enjoying a campfire, fireworks or other activities that use an open flame. And please use care when smoking anything (and we do mean anything) in Colorado’s dry climate. One of the biggest causes of fires are discarded smokables.

Stay up-to-date on fire restrictions across the state.

Building a Minimum-Impact Fire

If you don’t have a stove, or prefer the campfire experience, it’s important to know when the conditions are safe and only build a fire when allowed by local agencies and the risk of wildfire is low. Always ask about fire regulations from rangers and other land managers before you settle into your campsite. 

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