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5 Ways to Make Your Cleanup More Sustainable

From Leave No Trace

Stewardship Monday, April 1, 2024

Are part of a group that gets out regularly to cleanup your local park or protected area? Maybe you are always on the hunt for a volunteer opportunity. Or maybe you just strive to pick up a few pieces of litter on your weekly walks. No matter how you give back and clean up, these tips will help you be even more sustainable in your efforts.

1. Collect Trash In Buckets Rather Than Bags

Plastic bags are a go to item at cleanups, but when they end up being only a quarter full or dumped into an onsite dumpster, some other options may be better. Using something like an old bucket, or other easy to carry container, can minimize the plastic we use as we clean our outdoor areas. Once collected in buckets, the contents from your cleanup can be dumped into a trash receptacle, or combined with other volunteers trash into just a few bags. Overall, your plastic use will be minimized and lessen what gets sent to landfills. #DontFeedTheLandfills

2. Use Washable Gloves

Gloves are another necessary component of any cleanup. They keep you safe and things more sanitary, but they can also create more trash. Disposable plastic gloves can tear easily, meaning we may need to go through many pairs in a single cleanup.

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