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10 Tips to Make Every Day Earth Day

From Leave No Trace

Stewardship Thursday, April 27, 2023

For 50 years, humans have been celebrating Earth Day as a global holiday. Every April, the earth is celebrated with clean ups,  habitat restoration projects and education to encourage awareness about the impacts that we humans are making on the planet. In truth, the Earth needs us humans to act consciously every day, all 365 days a year. Here are 10 Tips to make every day Earth Day.

1. Minimize the Amount of Waste You Create

We can successfully Dispose of Waste properly by minimizing the amount of waste we create to begin with. A great way to start is by conducting a personal waste audit- keep track of everything you throw away for one week. Observe what types of single use items you are buying and consuming, and seek alternative items you can use to reduce the amount of waste you produce. 

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